For the Honour and Respect I cherish in my heart towards My Nation who gave me my freedom ,hence wholeheartedly with pride I commit to its Constitution and on this occasion to the mandates of the Article 51 A (b) (g) (h) which are etched in my heart.

To wholeheartedly, with humble gratitude and duty, follow and remember the ideologies which inspired our national struggle for independence from colonial rule. The freedom and the fundamental rights I enjoy, obligate me to uphold the Fundamental Duties. I realise, it is my duty to impart the noble ideals and constitutional values to all my fellow citizens. I hereby pledge allegiance to the noble ideals of culture, ethos and values, which inspired our national struggle for freedom for peaceful and prosperous Bharath.

I understand completely My prestigious nation is part of our home, Our only home, the Earth, which provides us with what's necessary for our existence. Hence not only will I include myself for environmental benefit activities, I shall also incorporate environment protection activities in my day to day life by following the decorum of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse natural resources.

I shall not litter in public spaces, shall make sure and actively participate in segregation of domestic waste at home and shall dispose of the unwanted wastes scientifically. I shall exercise in contributing to the welfare of all the water bodies such as pond, river, lakes,sea and ocean and also recognize the need for compassion towards the landscapes, forests and wildlife. My acts shall in no way contribute to its avoidable pollution or destruction. I pledge support and actions towards environmental protection. It is my duty to reduce environmental pollution and educate fellow citizens to make certain of a liveable future for generations to come and to ensure the longevity of our people and our nation.

I shall contribute to my nation, by nourishing and compassion for fellow beings, as well as my observational power for scientific temper with pondering on “why” and “how” to cultivate betterment of my nation for tomorrow. I shall follow this dream and passion, unhindered by obstacles of my vision. I will contribute to my wonderful nation in my full potential for individual and national prosperity. I shall make sure, not only ,not to damage our existing public property but also understand my stake in it by making sure of its up-keeping and educating my fellow citizens to develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform.

I hereby make this solemn declaration and commitment, for my people and my nation.

I read and Understood